How To Make Your First 100K In Your OT Business

Your First 100K in Occupational Therapy 

My goal is to help OT's have more choices in their career. Whether you're interested in a brick-and-mortar or online business, these tips will guide you.

Commitment to Growth Commitment is key. Transition from side gigs to making your therapy business the main focus. I share my experience of growing from a clinic to an online business.  

Getting Your Name Out There Discussing the gig economy and the need for commitment. Emphasizing the importance of getting your name out there. Demonstration of personal commitment and sharing experiences.  

Pricing Strategy Talks about pricing accordingly to avoid resentment. The importance of enjoying your business journey. Shares personal experiences and insights into pricing strategy.  

Asking for the Business Encouraging to ask for the business, sales, email sign-ups, etc. Demonstrates personal examples and emphasizes the importance of being bold in asking for what you want.  

Making It Easy for Customers Make it easy for people to do business with you. Examples and personal experiences of simplifying processes for customers.  

Willingness to Spend Money Be willing to spend money to make money. Discusses investing in tools, services, and programs that contribute to business growth. Shares personal examples.  

Finally, Get your name out there, price accordingly, ask for the business, make it easy for customers, and be willing to spend money!