Hoang's World | Helping Occupational Therapist Become Experts

Hoang's World | Helping Occupational Therapist Become Experts

Hosted by: Hoang Tran

Hand Therapy Secrets helps Occupation Therapists and Physical Therapists master their clinical skills in hand therapy to become the expert Certified Hand Therapist in their area. We teach real world applications...

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Let's Talk About Who's Draining Your Energy in OT?

In this video I discuss Occupational Therapists Burn out, Energy & Motivation Levels in their jobs. Ask yourself some questions and become self-aware in your career....
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Tuola's Hand Therapy Secrets Testimonial & Feedback (Bonus)

Take a listen to Tuola's personal experience and journey with Hoang and Hand Therapy Secrets,  Tuola has over 20 years Occupational Therapy experience and decided to take the plunge and become an Hand Therapy Secrets...
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Wrist Tendinitis Framework (Sample Discussion)

In this podcast (sample lecture) we discuss how to approach wrist tendinitis and the wrist tendinitis framework to help occupational therapist treat & assess their patients, Wrist Tendinitis Framework for...
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5 Resources Needed To Pass The CHT Exam

If you plan to study for the CHT Exam this year 2022 I'll share with you the resources I used when I passed the exam and what I use to help my members pass the exam to become...
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Lets Talk About Study Burnout | Avoiding The Pitfalls To Succeed

If you are tired of feeling tired BUT you want that thing called a CHT....join me today. Let's discuss burnout and what you can do to avoid the pit falls of burnout to achieve your goals of becoming the Certified...
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Top 3 Reasons Therapists Don't Take The CHT Exam

In this episode 3 Reasons Therapists don't take the CHT Exam. Do you feel unfulfilled, bored, burnt out, and stuck! Do feel you are NOT making more money and NOT moving up in your career. Some reasons might sound...
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3 Signs You Are READY To Get HELP!

3 Signs you are ready to get help to prepare for the Hand Therapy Exam Get A Free Discovery Call with Hoang https://handtherapysecrets.com/discovery-call/ You want to be a CHT but you feel like studying for the test...
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5 Mindset Shifts To Becoming a CHT | How to Know If Its Worth IT!

Want to become a CHT but feeling stuck or uncertain? Today's live topics is for you then! https://handtherapysecrets.com/discovery-call/ 1. Where do you want to work as a CHT , Long Term vs Short Term 2. Think About...
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Lets Talk About Splints | Considerations & Adjustments

What do we know about Splints? In this episode I discuss and talk about what to consider when it comes to functional and aesthetic splint adjustments. We discuss how to evaluate, assess and adjust your patients...
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How to Manage Your Time Documenting As an Occupational Therapist

Episode #17

Here's MY process when managing your time with documenting.  As a student,  my best advice is to follow your CI's lead.  Right or wrong....you should follow and learn as much as possible.  Learning can be about "what...
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How To Stay Motivated as an Occupational Therapist

Episode #16

I know people are watching what I am doing - and I hope that this platform shows you what is possible for you in your career as an Occupational Therapist,  OTA, or a Physical Therapist in Hand Therapy.  When you are...
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Katie's Testimonial | Finding Support & Accountability For Hand Therapists

Episode #15

Finding a mentor or study buddy for the hand exam is hard enough. Trying to get them to consistently study with you on a weekly basis is 😭If you feel very alone but really want to take and pass the test. Grab the...
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