Testimonial Michelle Smith OT/L CHT| Hand Therapy Secrets

Episode #12

Michelle OT/L, CHT , Listen to her personal testimony and experience with HTS and
how she learned to organize herself, how to CHUNK information and how to THINK like a CHT.
Get more details the CHT prep prgram https://handtherapysecrets.com/want-to-become-a-certified-hand-therapist/

Why Join Us?

Studying for the CHT exam is HARD. The truth is everyone who studies for the CHT struggles with getting started, staying focused, and feeling prepared enough to pass. (whether they want to admit it or not)

The struggles I hear from therapists daily:

  • There are a lot of topics to cover.
  • There's a HIGH fail rate...about 50%.
  • There's no structure, accountability, or support.
  • It's totally self-guided. Hard to keep studying alone.
  • Too many opinions on what you need to do - it's confusing!
  • Busy with work and family - there’s not enough time to read everything.

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