Occupational Therapy Q&A:Splinting, Orthosis, & Foundations of Hand Therapy

Episode #7

Occupational Therapy & Splinting Questions. Custom Orthosis, Hand Therapy Secrets

That being said....you still need skills like manual skills and knowing what to properly recommend and provide for your patients in hand therapy
Questions we covered includes:
1. 3:54 Splinting! Materials, how to get your patients to NOT touch, what happens when there’s swelling!
2.  5:38 When the Orthosis Doesn't Fit When They Get Home?
3.  7:11 What if You Make a Splint That is Different From A Doctor's Order.
4.  8:30 Be a Problem Solver
5.  11:58 Pillar Pain/Carpal Tunnel Surgery

See it on Youtube https://youtu.be/cQAvGv1hETA


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