5 Resources Needed To Pass The CHT Exam

If you plan to study for the CHT Exam this year 2022 I'll share with you the resources I used when I passed the exam and what I use to help my members pass the exam to become CHT's.


Need guidance to prepare and pass the Hand Therapy exam to become a Certified Hand Therapist? If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to learn on your own, have no one to answer your questions when you need help the most, or are doubtful that you can pass this time around.

5 Resources to HELP Pass the CHT Exam.

1.Rehab of The Hand
2.The Purple Book , Occupational Therapy Examination Review Guide (MUST HAVE)
3.Practice Exams - Do two whole exams (MUSH HAVE)
4.ASHT Black Book - American Society of Hand Therapists Test Prep for the CHT Exam, 4th Edition: Study Outline and Clinical Reference
5.Hand Exam Prep With Hoang Tran OT/L CHT (Number One Choice)


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