Wrist Tendinitis Framework (Sample Discussion)

In this podcast (sample lecture) we discuss how to approach wrist tendinitis and the wrist tendinitis framework to help occupational therapist treat & assess their patients, Wrist Tendinitis Framework for Occupational Therapists


00:14 Dorsal. Volar , Radial, Ulnar wrist compartments
00: 29 The Framework of Anatomy
01:51 What's The Cause of Wrist Tendinitis
01:56 What To Do about Wrist Tendinitis
05:11 Tendons
05:46 Potentially looking for cysts
06:02 Volar Aspect of Wrist Tendinitis
06:58 Carpal Tunnel vs Wrist Tendinitis
07:40 CMC Pain 08:05 Ulnar side of wrist tendinitis
09:59 Ulnar sided wrist pain tendinitis

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