Let's Talk About Who's Draining Your Energy in OT?

In this video I discuss Occupational Therapists Burn out, Energy & Motivation Levels in their jobs. Ask yourself some questions and become self-aware in your career. https://hand-exam-prep.handtherapysecrets.com/hand-therapy-mentorship

OT-Self Awareness- Evaluating your Energy & Motivation Levels.
00:28 Who is Draining your ENERGY at work
01:23 42% reported work is draining your energy
01:30 9% reported friends and family is draining your energy
01:40 49% OT's feel burnt out.
03:55 Ask yourself do you like what you do?
04:46 Do you like where you work?
05:03 Do you feel you are GOOD at What You Do?
14:40 Occupational Therapy Burn Out
14:48 Are you overwhelmed?
16:26 Are you bored?
19:17 Do you Have Direction in your life and in your Career?
24:15 Taking the Certified Hand Therapy Exam

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