Study Smarter Not Harder If You Have Failed The CHT Exam.

If you are an OT who desperately wants to become a CHT AND has failed the CHT exam and can’t decide what to do….this podcast is for you.

Don’t start over because you failed the hand therapy exam - study smarter, not harder. In a world where we are conditioned to talk and see only the positive good stuff, we need to bring to light some of the not so good things that happen to us as OT’s.

I always encourage people to take the exam again…as soon as possible. Here’s why. Think about your patient that is not getting the results that you hoped for. Do you want them to just quit therapy? Do you want to quit therapy on them?

Results happen the best when both people are committed to getting the results. Your patients have to want to get better and put in the work. You have to want to develop your skills both hands on and critical thinking skills to help them get the results they want.

Together you will make magic happen! If you just failed, chances are you have retained a lot of the information as well as the experience of taking the exam. Try again. You already know so much. You are not starting from scratch. You never are even if it’s been years.

In order to take the exam, You have to have the years, hours, and desire. You have it all. You just need to study in a way that can give you a better chance at becoming the best CHT. Here are my tips when you try again: Make a decision on taking it again and sticking with it. It’s a hard yes or a hard no, but to teeter between the two and then make a hail mary in the last few weeks before the exam is a sure sign that you are self-sabotaging.

Declutter your mess - I mean notes and resources in terms of books.

Declutter your mind - I mean the mean things you are saying to yourself that you would never tell a friend. Analyze your score, your study routine, and your plan before the next exam date. If you have the years, hours, and desire.

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