CHT Exam | 3 Strategies To Overcome The Overwhelm!

CHT Exam | 3 Strategies To Overcome The Overwhelm

If you struggle to get through all the content required for the CHT exam - there's an easier way to study.

Most people will tell you to read and memorize and do practice questions.

But the test questions on the real exam require you to make decisions based on problems that you understand.

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See....the test is broken down into fast but then you must apply those fasts during evals and treatments while knowing what you are technically allowed to do and how you get ahead of problems. it's not unlike how you should be treating now.

The Exam program was build with a curriculum and method to help you study in a way that can help you be successful and FEEL successful because you know how to think through any problem they could throw at you.

Last Chance!

Open enrollment for the Exam Prep will be closing Nov 16th. We have several people in the program studying for the May 2023 exam, and a few people on the Nov 2023 track.


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