Hand To Shoulder Rehabilitation | Manual Therapy Workshop Coming To Austin, Texas (DEMO)

Exclusive Manual Therapy Workshop 
April 15-16, 2023 in Austin, TX

This workshop is designed for occupational therapists, physical therapist, CHT's, from learning the basics of manual therapy. We'll cover the fundamentals of manual therapy, including how to apply techniques to the hands and feet, and how to customize therapy for each individual.

Sign up Today! Mastering The Art Of Hand To Shoulder Rehabilitation

If you're looking to improve hand function after a distal radius fracture, this workshop is for you! Grab the details of my upcoming workshop in Austin, TX. This is the ONLY manual therapy workshop you need to improve your skills exponentially with hands, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries.

Our manual therapy workshop is designed for beginner to experienced therapists looking to improve their techniques and treatment outcomes for patients with injuries to the upper extremities.

See it on YouTube https://youtu.be/o_A4gyPgKsw


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