3 Assumptions Holding You Back From Becoming A Certified Hand Therapist

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 If you are 15+ years as a therapist or this is your second career....you might be hurting your changes of becoming a CHT....but it's not what you think.

I've spoke to many OT's with as many years of experience as I have if not more. And I'll tell you...there's 3 assumptions most of them make.

They assume:

  • they assume they will fail when they take the exam because they have hear how hard the CHT exam is.
  • they assume they can't do it because of their age.
  • they assume they can't study because their brain is not working as well any more.

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How this program is different from our other ones.

First, this program is nothing like Hoang’s other programs….like Hand Therapy Mentorship or Orthosis 101.

Those programs are about providing treatments….making splints….

THIS program is about YOU studying in a way that will help you pass the Hand Therapy Exam for the 1st time.

It’s about holding you accountable to prepare, keeping you focused to cover all the topics, and help you think through problems in a way that you feel good about the decisions you need to make as the expert hand therapist. It’s about helping you BE the CHT before you BECOME the CHT.


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