Hoang's World | Helping Occupational Therapist Become Experts

Hoang's World | Helping Occupational Therapist Become Experts

Hosted by: Hoang Tran

Hand Therapy Secrets helps Occupation Therapists and Physical Therapists master their clinical skills in hand therapy to become the expert Certified Hand Therapist in their area. We teach real world applications...

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Hand Therapy Exam (CHT) Study Plan

Episode #11

Grab Our Certified Hand Therapy Exam Prep Checklist. Take The Overwhelm Out Of Preparing For The Hand Therapy Board Certificationhttps://handtherapysecrets.com/certified-hand-therapy-exam-practice/ Don't know where to...
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3 Strategies to Pass The CHT Exam

Episode #10

Book a Free Discovery Call with Hoang https://handtherapysecrets.com/discovery-call/  To Decide If The Hand Therapy Exam Prep Program Is The Right Program To Help You Become A Certified Hand Therapist. Get The...
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3 Tips To Be The 1% in Hand Therapy | Aaron's Robles (CFMT) Guide

Episode #9

Aaron received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware and is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Art. Functional manual therapy is a highly...
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Mentorship vs Courses : For Occupational Therapists

Episode #8

You deserve to be the Hand Therapy Expert in your community!!I explain five reasons why online Hand Therapy Mentorship and can help develop your skills as and occupational therapists. 00:29 Hand Therapy Mentorship vs...
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Occupational Therapy Q&A:Splinting, Orthosis, & Foundations of Hand Therapy

Episode #7

Occupational Therapy & Splinting Questions. Custom Orthosis, Hand Therapy SecretsThat being said....you still need skills like manual skills and knowing what to properly recommend and provide for your patients in...
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How to use Humor with Patients | Therapeutic Use of Self

Episode #6

Want to INCREASE your chances of patients coming back to you?Or do you just want to make sure you are having FUN at work?I talk about Occupational Therapy school and how I use therapeutic use of self (TUS) - a topic...
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Nicole's Journey To Becoming a CHT | Testimonial

Episode #5

Nicole's Journey To Becoming a CHT | Testimonial[00:00:43] Hey, how are you? I am, I'm finally coming out of my haze. It was awesome. Right? [00:01:00] I mean like, so I just want to start with saying,...
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My Biggest Carpal Tunnel Pet Peeve!

Episode #4

Carpal Tunnel Pet Peeve[00:00:43] Hey its Hoang here. I am going to talk about carpal tunnel, right? I want to talk about carpal tunnel. I don't know why this is a pet peeve of mine, but I want to talk to you about...
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The Most Important Tip to Landing The Job of Your Dreams in OT

Episode #3

[00:00:00] If you're an occupational therapist looking to develop your skills in hand therapy. This podcast is for you. Your hosts, Hong Tron, occupational therapist, and certified hand therapist turned serial...
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Welcome To My First Podcast Show

Episode #2

Hoang’s World - A podcast to help Occupational Therapists become experts in Hand Therapy.  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more educational videos, tips and Hand Therapy Secrets....
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Hoang's World | Advance Your Skills in Hand Therapy

Episode #1

Advance your Occupational Therapy Career and Prepare to Pass the Hand Therapy Exam (CHT) with Hand Therapy Secrets
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